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A fantastic article came out this week in REM Magazine about the two main generations of buyers currently dominating the real estate market: the Millennials (also known as Gen X & Gen Y) and the Baby Boomers.  When selling your home, it is crucial to understand who your most likely buyer will be so that you can target their needs and wants in order to appeal to their tastes. It’s a fact that the average buyer is younger than the average seller, meaning they will have different tastes and expectations. The smart seller understands this, makes the necessary changes and improvements to their home, and ultimately benefits from this by selling their home quicker and for more money.


The main points in the article that are especially important for today’s sellers to know are:


- The millennials and baby boomers are the two generations currently dominating the real estate market


- Both generations are looking for move-in ready homes


- Because both are looking for move-in ready homes, it is imperative that you address any and all concerns you have with your home before putting it on the market. This could include painting, removing wallpaper, landscaping, small repairs around the home, updates, etc.


- Sellers should understand the importance of how their home shows in online photos


- 28% of baby boomers wish to have money left over after purchasing their home where as only 18% of millennials are concerned with it


Read the full article here:


The information gathered from this survey is important for sellers and their Realtors to know, understand and target. The main point in this article is that both of these generations are looking for move-in ready homes. The majority of the millennial generation are not concerned with having extra money left over after purchasing their home; this means they are willing to spend their entire budget on a move-in ready home as opposed to spending less on a home that needs some work.  By investing in your home to make it move-in ready, you will be appealing to the masses of buyers meaning you will sell your home faster and for more money than if you left it as is. Working with a professional Home Stager is the best way to determine which updates and improvements will result in the best return on your investment.


Home Selling Edge is a professional property styling firm dedicated to creating beautiful living spaces. We offer the creative solutions you need whether you are planning to sell and are looking for an edge over the competition, or if you’re planning to stay and want your home to reflect your personal style. We provide our services to homes in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & surrounding areas.

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